Independent logical networks

A VSlice is an independent mobile network - used to segregate your estate of devices into logical networks. If you are familiar public cloud environments, this is similar to a VPC (AWS) or a VNet (Azure). You might create a VSlice for each project, site, team or environment - whatever makes sense for your application.


For example, if you were the organizer of Music Festivals, you might create a VSlice for each festival site or event, and another for testing purposes.

IP Subnets

When creating a VSlice (via the portal or API), you will also need to create one or more IP Subnets which are used to assign IP addresses to endpoints. IP Subnets can be 'static' or 'pooled'.

staticThe internal IP address of the endpoint will not normally be changed, once it has been assigned. Unless a specific IP address is manually specified for the endpoint, the network will choose and assign an appropriate address the first time it accesses the network. This is the recommended setting for most applications
pooledInternal IP addresses are only temporarily assigned to an endpoint for the duration of a session. This is not recommended.

If you are unsure what IP address range to use, we recommend using (see IPv4 Shared Address Space). Only IPv4 addresses are supported at present - please contact support if you would like to use IPv6.

Note that the IP subnets assigned to different VSlices can be the same, or can overlap. This is because VSlices are independent networks which are isolated from each other. Even if you assign the same IP subnet to multiple VSlices, this will not ordinarily allow endpoints within the two VSlices to communicate with each other.

VSlices contain Endpoint Groups (as many as are required), which are used to contain Endpoints (SIMs) with similar requirements or configuration.

As with most objects in the Stacuity platform, when creating a VSlice you specify a Name and a Moniker. The Moniker identifies the object when using the API - whereas the Name identifies it for humans. Before changing a Moniker, consider the implications for any systems which use the API.

What’s Next

VSlices contain Endpoint Groups. Let's look at that concept next.