Represents devices/SIMs

An Endpoint represents a SIM card. It is created in the platform when you activate a SIM card you have received. To activate a new SIM card and create an Endpoint, you will need the ICCID number and Activation Code which is printed on the SIM (or supplied with it).

An Endpoint is not useable until it has been assigned to an Endpoint Group, which has been configured appropriately. Once an Endpoint is assigned to a group, it is implicitly part of the Vslice where the group was created, and will be assigned an IP address from the subnet on the Vslice. This happens automatically if not configured otherwise.


At our music festival, an endpoint might be an ePos terminal, water tank sensor or a noise monitor

Endpoint States

Each endpoint is in one of a number of possible states:

pendingThe endpoint has been assigned to your account, but is not in a valid Endpoint Group or VSlice. It is not usable in this state.
activeThe endpoint has been assigned to an Endpoint Group and VSlice. Subject to the Endpoint Group and VSlice configuration being valid, the endpoint is usable
suspendedThe endpoint has been temporarily disabled - it cannot be used until the status has been changed to 'active'.
closedThe endpoint has been permanently disabled. Depending on circumstances, it may be possible to reactive an endpoint which has been mistakenly closed by contacting support.

What’s Next

Controlling where your endpoints can be used