Edge Services

Secure, advanced services provided from with the stacuity network and available to Endpoints

Whereas Routing Targets represent remote networks and services outside of the stacuity network, Edge Services are securely provided inside our network - closer to the endpoints, and not reliant on the Internet. These services provide benefits over remote services accessed via a Routing Target.

  • Performance - access to edge services provides lower latency, since the traffic does not need to traverse the internet
  • Security - the services are within the stacuity network, so are accessible by endpoints but not from users and systems elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Authentication - since our platform is tightly integrated into the world's mobile networks, we can identify the endpoint sending data without requiring them to authenticate themselves. This simplifies configuration, and allows less sophisticated devices to be supported.
  • Decoupling - edge services can receive and store data, and then subsequently forward it to remote networks. If these remote networks are disrupted or inaccessible, this doesn't impact the endpoints.
  • Extensible - the list of Edge Services available is expanding all the time. Powerful services are already available, but there are many more in the pipeline - both from stacuity and partners. If you have ideas for new Edge Services, please let us know.

The Edge Services available to an Endpoint are controlled within the Routing Policy applied to the appropriate Endpoint Group.

The standard Edge Services available to all Endpoints (if enabled) are:

  • Endpoint Monitor - real-time packet tracing of endpoint traffic
  • Edge/Endpoint API - API providing services to endpoints (Environment, Key Value store etc)
  • Embedded Terminal - Web-based SSH terminal for remote access to endpoints
  • HTTP Publisher Publish an HTTP based web service running on the Endpoint on the Internet with a unique website address