Event Types

Events which happen on the network or to Endpoints

There are many types of event which happen on the network - and which contain detailed information which is useful to developers. The stacuity network can send these to external systems Event Handlers, and they are also retained within the platform where they can be searched and analysed.

The detail of each event uses a JSON representation - some information is common, whereas other information is specific to the event type.

Each supported event type has a scope - it relates either to a particular Endpoint, a Routing Target or a Customer Account overall.

The types of event currently supported is as follows.

Event NameEvent MonikerScope
Endpoint Location Updated v1endpointlocationupdated_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Authenticated v1endpointauthenticated_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Purged v1endpointpurged_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Steered v1endpointsteered_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Originated SMS v1endpointoriginatedsms_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Originated USSD v1endpointoriginatedussd_v1Endpoint
Endpoint SMS Attempted v1endpointsmsattempted_v1Endpoint
Endpoint SMS Delivered v1endpointsmsdelivered_v1Endpoint
Endpoint SMS Undelivered v1endpointsmsundelivered_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Data Session Created v1endpointdatasessioncreated_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Data Session Create Failed v1endpointdatasessioncreatefailed_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Data Session Deleted v1endpointdatasessiondeleted_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Data Session Modified v1endpointdatasessionmodified_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Data Session Extended v1endpointdatasessionextended_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Key Value Updated v1endpointkeyvalueupdated_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Country Changed v1endpointcountrychanged_v1Endpoint
Endpoint IMEI Changed v1endpointimeichanged_v1Endpoint
Endpoint Serving Operator Changed v1endpointservingoperatorchanged_v1Endpoint
Routing Target Available v1routingtargetavailable_v1Routing Target
Routing Target Unavailable v1routingtargetunavailable_v1Routing Target
VPN IKE Phase 1 Up v1vpnikephase1up_v1Routing Target
VPN IKE Phase 1 Down v1vpnikephase1down_v1Routing Target
VPN Child SA Phase 2 Up v1vpnchildsaphase2up_v1Routing Target
VPN Child SA Phase 2 Down v1vpnchildsaphase2down_v1Routing Target
VPN Initiation Succeeded v1vpninitiationsucceeded_v1Routing Target
VPN Initiation Failed v1vpninitiationfailed_v1Routing Target
Account Warning Breached v1accountwarningbreached_v1Customer Account
Account Depleted v1accountdepleted_v1Customer Account