Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding the stacuity network and platform

How can I get started with my stacuity SIM?

We have created a Getting Started guide to get you going quickly.

There seem to be many related concepts within the stacuity platform. How can I understand them?

They are quite simple once you understand the basics - we've provided a simple guide to the main Stacuity Concepts.

What is the minimum I need to do to connect an Endpoint (SIM) to a remote network (such as the Internet).

You need to create a VSlice, Routing Target, Routing Policy and Endpoint Group. You can then activate your SIM, and add the resulting Endpoint into the Endpoint Group.

How will I be charged?

We have adopted a simple and transparent charging model, based fairly on what stacuity is charged by our operator partners. See Billing and Charging.

Are stacuity SIMs steered or un-steered?

Network steering refers to the control over which national networks are accessible or preferred. Stacuity SIMs are un-steered - allowing the customer control over network access using Operator Policies.

Where can stacuity SIMs be used?

Subject to any Operator Policy you have configured, see our Coverage list.

How do I enable SIM-to-SIM routing?

If you need Endpoints to be able reach each other, you just need to create a Routing Policy Rule with an action of 'Reflect'.