Edge/Endpoint API

The Edge API can be accessed via the mobile data connection from an endpoint.


Unlike the Stacuity API the endpoint API does not require any authentication in the request, responses are only availble to an endpoint that is making the request via the carrier network and data is only scoped to that endpoint


Currently the Edge endpoint is only available over plain HTTP not HTTPS, requests do not leave the stacuity network


The endpoint API methods return various information about the endpoint that is making the request such as the ID or the Current Radio Access Type.

Consult the API reference for a full list of API requests

Key Value Store

The Key Value store allows a developer to store certain custom values for a specific endpoint, these can be set and read via an authenticated call to the Stacuity API and then accessed via the Edge API.

Think of this much like environment variables, it allows a developer to have one set of identical code running on each of their end devices and then the devices simply fetch their specific configuration values based on the SIM card that they are using.
It could be used to store account IDs, API keys or customer specific values.

The Key Value store can also be used to allow devices to periodically send an update such as a sensor value that is held in the network and can then be read by your application at a later date.